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My tablet still says storage full even if i delete everything or move on sd card


AC Question

as the title says the problem is my tablet still says storage full (also on play store says that), even if delete everything or move files to sd card tablet still says this message my tablet is lenovo

p.s sorry for my english im asian


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
1. Moving apps to the SD card may or may not free up space. (The app is moved in pieces - the number of pieces depends on how it was written. [No one bothers looking at how many pieces an app will be moved in - apps aren't supposed to be moved, that's just something that Android can do, but it wasn't designed to.] When a piece is moved, a pointer to the piece on the card is left in internal storage. If the piece moved is smaller than the pointer, you actually use MORE internal space by moving the app to the card.)

2. If you uninstall apps and delete files on internal storage, you should get back some space. Deleting on the card has nothing to do with the amount of space you have internally (and all apps are installed to internal storage, even if you're running an app to install to the card - it installs to internal storage, then moves pieces).