My Text Messages Have Symbols-Screen Brightens and Dims: I Am Hacked!


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May 22, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy S5-Straight Talk

Hello, I've been hacked multiple times so I've acquired a few units during these past months to evade these hackers. One time there was a three-way text message conversation!

The way to tell is that my screen on this Galaxy S5 brightens to a very bright bluish shade, then it dims to a yellowish tone as I send the text message or multimedia message. If I text with one of my BFF's, symbols appear (%, @) spaces, so on and so forth. It slows down during messaging as well. She has a Galaxy S8, no problems on her end.

I have VPN, not connected to WiFi nor Bluetooth; however I went to my Internet browsing history and there were three websites I did NOT visit. In fact, one doesn't exist when I checked on my computer desktop. I don't wanna get rid of my S5, that'd be my 4th hacked phone!

I'd have to eBay a new/used S5 because Straight Talk does not carry it anymore. To make it worse, their chat told me I have water damage so they can't help me either (!!!!) -There's a dot on the back of the unit that changes color if I dropped it in water-which I never did. Dot is gold/pink.

I have downloaded apps to check for hacking software, malware, viruses and nothing is detected. Is there an app on Google Play that can check the system files and detect anything like that, or does a developer have something in particular I can work with?

Your help and advice is appreciated!

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