My thoughts on going Android (Priv) coming from BB10(Passport)


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Feb 1, 2015
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I have ventured away from what I have known in favor of the new.
Like the few, that used this OS from day 1.

I have moved from a trusted,reliable,intuitive, purpose built OS of BB10 to Android.

Now some would say, But BB10 is a dead OS.
While that may be true in some respects, Android could defiantly learn a thing or two from the newer born just about 3 year old OS that has matured in a rapid time in comparison.

In this writing, I'll be going over the differences between the 2 Operating systems (OS) pointing out pro's and con's of both with my feelings on the matter.
As well as Apps I found/used to mitigate the move.
So grab a snack or grab your tablet or phone and get to that comfortable place that most articles are read.
This is going to be a long one.
Prepare yourself.

The move.
From Passport (BB10) to Priv (Android)
I knew this would be a major change in layout of the hardware alone. So that was not a surprise.
The same could be said for software. But, I thought it would be all relative. Because smartphones are vaguely similar.
I couldn't have been more wrong.

Here's what I miss about BB10 and dislike:
Bedside mode: An all in one built in app, that's not really an app per-say. There is no icon to click that would open an app.It's more along the line of a switch.
Once in that mode, you can select settings on what you want to come through,schedule multiple alarms with different tones that can happen on different days and times.
Along with what will come through for notifications,calls etc..
It's something, that I don't think can be fully duplicated in the ease of it on BB10 to Android.
I've done it by setting the priority setting and using an app called Glimmer. An app that I actually really like. But finding that, took multiple downloads of other apps. Glimmer was about the 5th app.

Remote access: Done through the built in file manager. I access my home PC and whichever folders/drives I give it permission to. I've used this multiple times while at work or a friends house or out on the road. Have a file at home on the PC and need it, no problem I have it in moments. And, it is fantastically easy to setup.
Along with remote access in the file manager, access to box and drop box is natively built in. So I can copy and paste from my pc to my device,sd card,box or drop box in moments.

Sound profiles: I know Android has 3 built in. Do not disturb,Priority and normal. While its there, its lacking and basic. On BB10 you have normal, phone calls only,vibrate only,silent,meeting mode and bedside.
Each can be set to different parameters for basic notifications and even how each individual app responds. And switching between profiles is a breeze. Literally seconds,if that.
The Hub: I know, I know, The Priv has it yes. But, its a bastardized version of it.
On BB10, you get pretty much everything through it. For instance, on my personal BlackBerry Passport, here are the apps that go through my hub:

Hub: all accounts in 1 stream
Priority hub: customizable by flagged/starred/ important conversations
Visual voicemail
Notifications: non built for blackberry apps, android apps,sound cloud blackbullet (pushbullet client)
Text messages: Built in, not booted to an external app like the Priv
Facebook: can respond straight from within hub, without opening app
Dater: Tinder client
3 email accounts
Twitter: can respond straight from within hub, without opening app
Linked In: can respond straight from within hub, without opening app
Foursquare: can respond straight from within hub, without opening app
Emergency alerts
Pin messages

Each can be viewed separately, instead of all at once.

Organized to the T.
Pulls info from any connected app for each individual contact an puts it all in one profile by itself and assigns pictures from their various profiles as there contact picture rather than a blue/grey head. And within each persons profile, You get 3 tabs.

Details: Phone numbers, emails, Birthdays (if listed on facebook etc...) Job(if provided on linkedin), Education(If provided on linkedin) and Bio's of connected profiles from apps.
Updates: Facebook posts and more
Activity: What and when you talked to them via text , etc...

On the Priv:
3 emails
Text message : boots to app or hangouts
EDIT: I did not originally install Twitter or LinkedIn. Once I added these, they too also worked in the hub as they did in BB10

Now you see why. And I can't blame BlackBerry for doing it this way.
No one wants to share, i.e. google, apple, samsung etc..
So they need to keep certain things locked down. So they give you a sample on Android to see what its like.

Customizable settings menu:
Android has this, but its basic out of the box. Can it be corrected with a new launcher?
Probably. I have not dove that deep in yet. BB10, can be set to what options you want displayed and then you can organize them as such as in a layout.

Blackberry Blend:
Android has pushbullet, which is good. So this is almost a break even.
Except that blend is built in and not found externally.
If you know pushbullet, it works in kinda the same way. I again have just broke the surface with bullet. So like I said break even, pretty much.

Quality apps:
In Blackberry world, they have a designation, Built for Blackberry. Which generally means it meets full measures set by BB and that it is fluid as the OS itself.
There are other apps as well in the store that work, but they might be clunky a bit.
So this is a way of determining good vs bad rather than just relying on "reviews".

*Apps part Deux:
BB10 somewhat suffers at this. It has been made easier by a member on, by making BB10 able to run Google play with pretty much full functionality. Problem is, that BlackBerry themselves haven't updated the run time. So if i recall correctly, it's still on kit kat. And there lies the problem, Google updates there apps like crazy. So functionality can be worrisome and unpredictable. So, people generally will either update and have a non-working app and will have to hunt down an apk. Or you get into a method of not updating any app anymore.
The dreaded Facebook app. I don't even want to mention it further than that, Besides it being horrible. BlackBerry themselves built it and it feels like its back in the hay-days of before apps were apps. Just about any app that is built entirely by them, is rarely updated.

*Lack of development:
While I fully appreciate the developers that are constantly developing and updating,
There is just not enough of them. And I can understand why more and more leave.
BlackBerry needs this to happen for BB10 to survive.
I hated jumping to Android. But we'll see how long that lasts.

*No wearable's:
No need to explain further.

The OS itself:
It's just fluid smooth and easy. No questions asked on where to go. Not sub menu after sub menu after sub menu. You need it, ok here it is.

Things I like on the Priv and dislike:

* The hub: See BB10 part

Oh the widgets. Blackberry missed out on this big time.
They had a somewhat version of it on the old Bolds with OS7 but did't bring it to BB10.
WTF is that?
Anyways, widgets. You ask for it, they are provided.
With the Priv, they added an extra layer with pop up widgets. This to me, is immensely useful. No opening apps fully just to do 1 thing. Make it quick, make it simple. And they did.

Availability of pretty much everything. No run around's to make things work. All up to date.

*Apps part deux:
Quality and organization of apps is horrid. I've been through numerous apps trying to find one that fits my needs. So much time wasted and money spent and then refunded.
It may have Google play with a billion and one apps, but 95% of them are horrid.
I can't even find a app for the camera that has a manual focus with a slider to adjust.
For one of the biggest app markets, that's a bit ridiculous.

Apps that had multiple attempts before finding the right one were about a minimum 5 downloads of each and time hunting:
Clock : style
Alarm clock : to duplicate bedside mode Daydream is to many menus deep
Music player : non-google oriented
Image gallery : non-google oriented
Camera : Manual focus not found, honorable mentions , Open camera and silent camera

Wearable's & Gadgets:
Yes, I can get a watch and other gadgets to play nice with the phone. I can participate in Kickstarter stuff and not have to think about if it will fully work or not with my device.
EDIT: Using Sony Smartwatch 3. This is a daily use item, and almost kinda is a proper mini BB10 hub feel.Get a notification,
I see it on the watch and I know if I need to go to my phone or not. Along with audio controls and accepting phone calls if you cant get to te phone in time to pick it up. Reply to text messages, You can do that to. Set reminders and location based reminders,alarms, ask questions with ok google command,play music straight from the watch w/BT headphones and many other features. The one I enjoy most, is an app called Stocard. all my rewards cards are on my phone and watch. No reason to remove my phone from the pocket to scan the bar code.
Also, I grabbed a Philips Hue setup. I am a huge fan of this and has since been part of my alarm clock setup in the morning. It works quite well.. As well as a single WEMO switch to turn on my space heater before I get home.

The Google app:
I love this sh!t. I use it on my tablet (Sony Z2 Verizon version) all the time.
Packages coming in, not having to dig through my email to find it.
Weather listed
Stock listings
Stuff to read
Morning traffic notifications and more....

Though I have not fully utilized Google now. I'm a bit hesitant on that one.
I'm a bit weird and maybe eccentric. I like to fiddle with things of different styles. I can now do this. Clocks styles, icon packs etc...

App tray:
It's like a universal folder, but you can't really fiddle with it.
So, If I folder an app and can't recall where I put it, head to the app tray. I know its there.

These guys, occasionally take it over the top. There are consistently new things going on with droid. This is a good and a bad. The bad side, is non extensive testing.

*Battery life:
In comparison, its a night and day comparison.
Android is hungry. With just about the same battery size as the Passport, I don't think, actually, I'm kinda positive, that I could not duplicate the same battery life with the Priv.
EDIT: Since launch day use, I have got maximum of 1.5 days. But more so a single day. I do have wifi,BT and location on all day as well though. So if I turn those off, I'm pretty sure I could squeeze that 1.5 day stat again.

Productivity tab:
I like this, and I think it was a smart move and "borrow" from samsung.
I use it to get access to the hub and calendar and such.
Rather than clicking the icon.
EDIT: I have since got rid of the tab in favor of the all in one gestures app to enable swiping for access to the hub and some other apps.

*Button in the middle of the volume rockers:
No ability to change what it does. An overall mute option is a great idea, but a better Idea,would have been to make it programmable.
Coming from BB10, that was the activation of the voice assistant.
EDIT: Can supposedly be done by enabling an option in settings. I have not done this, due to the warning that pops up by enabling it.

NFC Triggers:
Admittingly, I did not dabble with this in BB10, but it is very enjoyable and somewhat convenient.
Edit: I do not use these that much anymore. Mainly just one. With things like IFTTT, it makes NFC tags borderline useless in my opinion.

With just about every tech site praising Android for it's abilities in just about every area, I thought, that Android would be a smooth move.
As it turns out, that the ability of Android is great, but it is missing key elements for a "matured OS" and having gone through many versions.
If you are Pro Google, and used to using only their ecosystem, you will have no difficulty.
If you are the latter, and coming from a new OS, be it IOS, Windows or BB10, get ready for a ride.
It will seem that I'm heavily bias, but I'm going to do my best after running Android as a daily for only a week.
As you go down the list above, here are the solutions I have found thus far, to make a BB10 user feel more complete after leaving their OS to try something new.

I've went through numerous camera apps to get one thing. And none of them have it. A manual focus. After installing,buying and removing multiple ones, I found the stock loaded BlackBerry camera app the best. The focus system for up close macro shots is just as good as the ones from the few I narrowed down from the Play store.
I liked Silent camera and Open camera,
Open camera would be my second choice due to the layout and the awesome instant take a picture pop up widget.

Another app I tried many of.
Black player music player, was my player of choice. But I found it lacked things. I cannot recall at this time of writing. The sound, while connected through Bluetooth in my car just seemed dull and flat.
I went to a trusted app from BB10 and grabbed Neutron player and never looked back.
Sound quality improved greatly in the car alone. No settings were adjusted on Neutron.

Bedside mode: The toughest one to find, next to the camera app. While daydream is loaded on Android and does a half decent job, its no bedside mode.
My best found one so far, is called Glimmer. It's simple clean, has an evolving volume and evolving light ( think a sunrise) from a black screen with just a time.
And if you are not awake by the time your alarm is actually set for (which is unlikely due to the ambient sound of choice of setting) you can set a noise/song to play as well.
This along with utilizing the options of the priority setting get a similar result.

Overall as a device, I enjoy the Priv greatly.
Has good build quality
Pleasing to look at
The keyboard feels more bold style than BB10
Battery life on a stress test got "That's crazy for Android" reaction from Android users. 10 hour + screen on time.
Slide mechanism feels solid and gives a satisfying type click upon full open and close.
Call quality seems good as well. I've only made 1 call on it though. But had no issues on either end.
Have not experienced the Android lag as of yet. Within the exception of BB10 hub to Android hub comparison. But I feel, that it shouldn't be judged that way since BB10 was built around the hub.
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Oct 9, 2015
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Thanks man this helped me a lot. I have a Passport that im in love with but want to try android and something new but dont wanna lose what I love so much about bb10 so im in a tough spot. But for new-ness sake I think I will get it soon. And whatever phone they make next. hahah

but bedside mode is the best OS mode ever. Just swipe down an no worries of being waken up and all alarms set for each day. Maybe bedside mode will come one day as an app?


Nov 19, 2012
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I made the same move of bb10 passport to the priv..... Wasn't an enjoyable or smooth one but I seem to be getting the hang of things now.
I thought the android os would be as fluid and organised if not more than bb10 given its popularity in the world today, however it feels bb10 is years ahead of android in my opinion, navigating around android is slow, inefficient and distracting (I'm not hating on android here it's just how I feel after experiencing bb10)
Finally I can't believe how much the android eco system relies on third party apps! I found it ridiculous that I had to install a file manager.... I dunno just seems a little patchy and incomplete but I am loving the actual device and the choice of apps!

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Feb 1, 2015
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A new app found.

All in one gentures :

You can program things to happen for each swipe by going through a list of 3 menus, each with their individual choices
Installed and programmed:
To have a swipe from left action open the hub.
Swipe from right to open phone.
Bottom, top and corners are an option as well.
I found the bottom kinda interferes with the already swipe enabled home key, so I turned that option off.
You can also use a program a swipe up from the bottom to kill an app, but for whatever reason you can't password your device from what I understand it be be. So , at the moment, I chose not to enable it.

Android, becoming like BB10 a bit more and more
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Oct 13, 2011
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Really great comparison and intellectually thought out and explained. I think in time BlackBerry and Android will come up with solutions that may get us close to some of the innovation that OS10 has. I'm glad to see the reception of the Priv and a possible back to market relevance for BlackBerry. I love the Priv and I'm excited for tweaks and updates that will make it even better.

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Feb 1, 2015
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I need to re-address/amend some of the hub for the Priv.
I realized, that I did not have twitter or LinkedIn installed.
Upon doing so, they connected to the hub like they would on BB10.
So there is a little more functionality, that I happened to look over.


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Nov 15, 2015
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Great post. I am a BlackBerry wp refuge myself trying out the priv. I think that BlackBerry has the best os. Melding it with stock Android has some serious potential. I agree with you basic (or seemingly basic) intuitive function of the os, not apps, is missing. But if that can be we have a phone.

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Feb 1, 2015
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Re-visiting this thread.
I picked up the hard case in military green, as well as the new charging dock pieces.
I snagged a Smartwatch. A Sony Smartwatch 3 for a killer of a deal on Ebay. $99 (refurb) + free shipping

I found a couple flaws, One being just about a deal breaker personally.

Audio based
A couple times now, I have had been listening to spotify and had it playing. I then got into my car and Neutron automatically boots up and starts playing.
So I have spotify already running along with Neutron at the same time.
One didn't cancel out the other.
In addition, with the smartwatch, I have loaded up music to that as well. So in the same situation, I now have 3 individual audio apps playing at one time through 1 source.
Kinda weird.

I have had some hub glitches/bugs. I'd open the app (mind you in comparison as mention above the "lag time") I would then minimize it, it would full size by itself and then minimize again by itself.

Audio through Bluetooth headphones seems fine, nice and clear and decently loud.

*The Just About Deal Breaker*
I recently picked up a new pair of headphones(Audio-Technica ATH-M50x) and stared playing music on the phone through the headphone jack.
I found the volume very noticeably lower than the BB10 counter part at max volume even when using Neutron on the Priv.
Also, with trying to increase the volume by way of adjusting the gain, that bass clipped out and sounded horrid.
Bass setting was never adjusted. Just left at Flat zero.
Thinking I had a faulty pair of headphones, I filed a return on amazon from which I purchased them.
I boxed them back up to ship out from my work.(will revisit this in a bit)
I then think of a situation on the car ride home. I will try my brothers Sennheiser's. Low and behold, the same result.
Me knowing that his cans(headphones) are in perfect working order, now start thinking its the Neutron app.
Next I try spotify. Similar results. No adjustable gains.

I tried the same headphones (Sennheiser) on My Passport, and sounded perfectly clean and clear. Again I did not use adjustable gains.Played on the stock music app and Spotify. Then I also added an external amp to it to get more volume from it. And had no issues.
I also tried and external portable amplifier I have to swing some sort of balance out of the Priv for a bit.And it seemed to make it worse.
It fully appears to myself at least, that the phone is built for earbuds. EDIT: See amendment at bottom of this post. and not any serious breed of headphone.
I'm not an audiophile by any means, but everyone has their acceptable spectrum. And The Priv, didnt cut it for me on this.

But, I can accept this to a point, because, I don't walk around listening to music on my phone with over the ear headphones.

My only hope right now, is that the box I packed up to ship out from my work is still sitting there when I get back on Friday.
Last I checked, it was still there, But I forgot to look right before I left.

EDIT: Headphones were gone and shipped back. So, I tried this again. This time with a cheaper pair of on ear headphones I just picked up. While the volume is still lower than the BB10 Phones, simply by turning off the pre amp in the phone through neutron and changing a setting that seems to be a protect mode for the headphones where it wont let it drop below 20Hz, it seems to be acceptable and does not clip out. This is partially my error, due to fiddling with the pre amp to get more volume out of them. I have a pair of over ear head phones on order, so i can test those again as well.


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Brian Beaudoin

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Nov 24, 2015
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I can agree. Coming from BB0 to Android is a real struggle. Lots of Android seems like an empty framework and you have to fill in the holes. Now this is okay if you are using quality apps, but you sure do go thru lots of apps to find an acceptable one. And it's UI is more cluttery than BB10. And yes I know this comes with choice but it is overwhelming at times. Lots to learn

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Nov 28, 2015
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Great article... thanks. I'm personally conflicted about the Priv and keep looking for glimmers of hope that it will be a satisfying device.

I've been using BB10 on a Z10 almost since day 1. I tried out Priv at a local cell store for more than half an hour. I was really hoping to buy one when I went in, but found the user experience to be less than exciting and, honestly, unrefined. In the end, I decided to wait longer and see if BlackBerry can do more with their Android OS.

I also use Google Play on my Z10 thanks to some help I found on Crackberry. I think that Blackberry and Google have a potential to make some real magic here for those of us who would really rather remain in the BB10 arena: license a Google Play certificate to BlackBerry so that Google Play Services will work seamlessly in BB10. This allows me to buy and use all of the Android apps that I want while retaining the ability to continue using the OS that I know, love, and trust.

Yes, I realize that the BlackBerry runtime for Android is not as current as the real thing, but if Google would open the door a little more for BlackBerry (as I described above) then BlackBerry could continue to advance its OS offering (spending more time on, for example, keeping the Android runtime up-to-date), rather than trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear as it is attempting to do with Priv.

Anyway, if it turns out that I must (which at the moment seems to be the case), I will keep an open mind about Android for BlackBerry and will take another look again once it matures a little more. (And, hopefully, it will start to look a little more like a silk purse.)

Incidentally, if Priv could have come with BB10, or better yet, dual boot capability for BB10 and Android, I would have bought one in a heartbeat. The device itself is fantastic and it is just what I'm looking for to replace my Z10. I was just not enthusiastic about the Android side of things. My hope is that BlackBerry will be able to make Android look and feel a little more BB10-like and will continue to build things up on the privacy and security side of things.

John Gee

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Nov 8, 2015
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I have also noticed these audio issues on my PRIV: Lower max headphone volume than my Z10 and very noisy low volume built-in speaker performance. Disappointing in a device at this price. But, at higher volume built-in speaker is great. And pretty much everything else is awesome. So, I am keeping it. Maybe the speaker issues can be fixed with a software update... Maybe not.

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Jan 15, 2014
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I have a slightly different view and therefore slightly different expectation.
I started as an android user (until 4.4.2) before migrate to BB10 (passport).
I really like the productivity of passport (i also like pkb since i come from a treo and n900) while the bare minimum native apps that i used on my passport (facebook, twitter, inst10) manage to fill my basic need just fine.
However then i started missing some of the apps which are not available natively on BB10.
Therefore i was happy that i have the ability to run android runtime 4.3 on my passport and I've been adding more and more Android apps to it.
This is when i found i need to consider Priv.
Passport used to be running great with exceptional battery life. But with more Android apps now running the battery life is no longer sufficient to me. I would run out of juice around 3pm after unplugged fully charged at 6am.
So Priv is the next best option for me, with pkb that i should have no problem adapting to (fingers crossed), the familiar BB10 experience (although not the full fledge one), and hopefully enough battery to last me one full day and some with the many Android apps that i have (compare to passport).

Only waiting for it to be launched here in Malaysia. Only problem is the steep price and hopefully when i hold the adtual Priv in my hand it feels as good as I've hoped for.


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Jul 5, 2012
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A new app found.

All in one gentures :

You can program things to happen for each swipe by going through a list of 3 menus, each with their individual choices
Installed and programmed:
To have a swipe from left action open the hub.
Swipe from right to open phone.
Bottom, top and corners are an option as well.
I found the bottom kinda interferes with the already swipe enabled home key, so I turned that option off.
You can also use a program a swipe up from the bottom to kill an app, but for whatever reason you can't password your device from what I understand it be be. So , at the moment, I chose not to enable it.

Android, becoming like BB10 a bit more and more

Hey. Thank you for letting us know about this app. now i have my hub the proper way ! I am surprised blackberry would not do it right all the way.
As to your original post

1. Send your suggestions to blackberry
2. Be patient. Blackberry will bring new updates and many improvements.

If Samsung can sell so many of phones, so can Blackberry !


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Feb 1, 2015
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So, to touch base on this, I went back to my Passport on February 2nd.
And, I have't really looked back since.
I had no hardware issue with the Priv, besides the occasional heating and the every once and a while screen click.
Neither of which worried not bothered me as much as it does other people.

I went back purely because of software. While Android has development out the ying yang, that development stops for me when those things don't work.

Texting: SMS always worked, MMS not so much. Attaching a picture rarely worked, but this is a known issue by AT&T and Blackberry.
I abandoned the factory loaded messenger app for Textra paid version and it seemed to improve, but I consistently got a file to large to be sent notification. Thats even after scaling it down to a smaller version.
The only way that it seemed to work, was that if you took a picture within Textra and hit send. It seemed about flawless doing it that way.

WIFI and Bluetooth: I had consistent wifi drop outs and the occasional BT drop out on the Priv. Thinking I had a faulty phone,So I watched Android tablet (Sony Xperia Z2) and the same thing happened. Both running Lollipop. Fired up my passport with all 3 on the network (home) , Wifi drops on both Androids and not the Passport or my brothers Lumia 950.


Android: While there are many, they are not refined and glitchy. Apps that are designed for Android rarely worked correctly or without error. And it's not just the small independent ones either. Many of times, My Philips hue system awoke me in the middle of the night due to the wifi drop out mentioned above. And due to my settings, when my phone connects/disconnects to wifi, my lights turn on/off.

BlackBerry: We all know that situation, so I won't re-hash that. But what is interesting, In my findings at least, While the Android app may open slower on it, it functions a lot better and is more responsive. Keep those active frames open people.

Igrann > instagram
Face10 > native facebook
CB10 BB > Crackberry android

For the automation part like my Philips hue setup, @Cobalt takes the win with others whom credit is due for making the play store work.
There really isnt another course of action for this on BB10 short of Philips my hue website controls.
I personally wasn't a fan of the BB10/BlackBerry offering for controlling them.

Again for the home automation point, I have a Wemo switch for a space heater.
Problem is, I can't get the wemo app to fully work, Because within the app, I cannot select the connected wifi network within the app.
But, I was pro-active? and found a long backdoor way to get it done. Being as there is no website interface.
I used the IFTTT/DO button app from google play along side Push Plane (push bullet client) from BlackBerry world.

I made a DO button to turn the heater on and off. But then, I didnt know if it was on or off .
I then used IFTTT to link my Wemo and and Pushbullet accounts and set the trigger to on and off or toggle to send a notification.
While the DO button works pretty flawlessly, I do notice that the push Bullet notification can lag minorly to a lot occasionally.

Notifications :
This one is almost break even with a slight edge to google/android.
The Hub is one of the best Notifications systems I have ever used.
Best on BB10
Feels like a skinned Gmail on Android in my opinion.

With that being said, I do miss the Google app,location based reminders and the ability to always see the temperature outside on the notification shade of Android. It's the little things. If I knew how to create an app and code, I would make a weather app thats similar with an idea I had.
I haven't really found any comparable findings on BB10 without heavily diving into setting up and rss feed of sorts. (I've never done that)
Honestly, the Google app and location based reminders and auto checking my traffic route from home to work and back are the main things I miss about Android. Everything after that to me doesn't matter.

Battery life:
Priv: with location wifi and bluetooth on all day, playing music over BT to my car while driving and checking traffic on google maps occasionally, and the regular emails, texts, social media I'd be generally lucky to get to around 6-7 pm with 10-15% or less. Screen on time, was 2-3 hours.
Passport: same actions as above,different traffic maps/traffic app of course , around 6-7 pm a minimum of 40% life left. Screen on time unknown.

The first week back on the Passport was similar to that of the Priv. After that, it adapted to its normal self. If I didnt have location on 24/7 and loaded extra Android apps, It would go further as it normally did.

In the end, I'm still on my Passport today. I am one of those people has still has Hope for BB10 even with all the "writing on the wall".
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Feb 1, 2015
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Back off of the Passport.
Moved onto another Android Platform.

LG V10 is my new daily device and so far I don't see myself moving back to the BlackBerry platform.
Battery life for the first few days of ownership has been better than the Priv and almost on par with my Passport thats loaded up with some Android apps.

It's a beast of a device and the second screen is amazing as well as the camera.


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Feb 14, 2013
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The LG V10 had my interest before I got the PRIV. It's certainly a beast with top notch specs across the board.

Any complaints about the LG software?


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Feb 1, 2015
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Everything has been smooth so far.
My only WTF finding moment is being able to merge some contacts.
Admittingly, I have been extra lazy about finding a fix/app for it.
Other than that, Ive experienced no lag, no heating issues like I felt on the Priv, the interface seems smoother and more responsive and the little customizations are great

The only thing I'd honestly wan to carry over from the Priv, Is the way that you deleted emails with a swipe.
Its not bad on the V10 gmail app, just different. I'm already adjusting to it as well.
So I'm sure it will be a non issue in the coming weeks.

The second screen hold the win over the productivity tab in my opinion. As you can fully customize it to 5 apps,media player controls and a signature of sorts. Thats all with the screen in its on mode.
When the screen is off, the date and time show as well as a weather icon. Also the media controller carries over and then notification sounds,wifi toggle,flashlight and a fast camera button.

I'll add to note, that I bought(monthly payments AT&T) the V10 on a complete whim.
I asked a single question about the camera if it was the same controls as the G4 and that was it.
Something just compelled me to get it.

I left out all BlackBerry things except for the virtual keyboard which I loaded up.


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Feb 1, 2015
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Also, whatever LG has done with their software for battery management is amazing and leagues better than the Priv.
But they have more experience in the Android realm.
With there standby and then eventual battery saving mode kicks in, my phone has been on for 36 hours and 43 min.
My screen on time is low, because I havent been using it, but never the less, I find this impressive.


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