MyFitnessCompanion - Has anyone tried this?


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Sep 29, 2010
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I'm diabetic, so apps that take advantage of taking medical and health data and integrating it with Microsoft HealthVault (Microsoft HealthVault) are a big plus.

I currently use a Fitbit (Fitbit) for my steps and for my food/water intake (just wish it had carb counts), and I use Microsoft's HeathVault syncing solution for Windows to sync my OneTouch Ultra meter for my blood glucose. Using the HealthVault site is pretty simple on a mobile browser, but I wish I had a way to have my devices sync to my phone or Nexus 7 instead of my PC.

I found an app called MyFitnessCompanion (Google Play link) that has a one-time pay (they call it the Gold app) that takes all your data in that app and syncs with HealthVault. The biggest thing is that is uses Bluetooth compatible devices to upload data. (Full list here)

As I was going through the list, I found that there is a company that makes BT adapter for diabetes testers, and the best part is that they have one for my meter for $50 on Amazon ([URL="]link[/URL])! It's an older one that only works on two styles of meters, but I'm okay with that, as my insurance only covers my meter's strips.

I'm excited being an Android guy allows me to have an easier way to maintain my information than ever before!