Mysterious " My Favorite Images" tab appears when d/l a photo

25544 Norad

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Jul 3, 2016
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Mysterious because the tab appears at the bottom of my home screen when I d/l certain .jpgs NOT all of them for some reason.

I thought the folder was somewhere in the browser but it's not. It's also not in any folder that has the word download on it.

Samsung doesn't have a clue where this folder/file is located. If I can get it to open then I do have access to see what files are in the folder and I can delete them. I don't like to have things being put in places that I can't access.

If I could have gotten it to appear I's have taken a screenshot to show you all. The folder is called " My Favorite Images" that's all I can tell you.

Where the heck is this thing? Similar to the clipboard in Windows?? It's there but it's not really there? A temp folder to use momentarily and then forget?

Where is this darned thing residing?

Thanks to all,

Norad 25544

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