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Apr 7, 2010
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I have been browsing through the forums for a while and cant seem to find any posts about an N1 specific mount. Most have been using/modifying their iPhone mounts. I have seen some that have been using the ProClip system that seems to be more universal than phone specific. I believe I have found the answer to our car mount situation(if someone hasnt already). I was Google searching and I found nexusoneblogaccessories.com

They have perfect fit custom mounts for the N1. I am not sure the history of this company/retailer but the mounts and whole website looks legit. The mounts look sturdy and heavy duty. Im not saying run them over with your car and see if they are still functional but you guys all know what I mean.

I would purchase one and see how the customer service, shipping, and product is but I just dropped quite a bit on the N1 so I'll have to wait for that. But if any of you guys want to purchase it and give us all a review, we would greatly appreciate this as an alternative for now, to the Google car mount that has all the bells and whistles built in. Also which I am pretty sure is going to cost around the $40-$50 dollar range. Maybe someone knows but thats just a guess off the top of my head.

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