N7000 wont go into recovery mode(and stuck in logo loop)

Aidan Wood

New member
Mar 3, 2014
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First off apologies if this is covered already. I searched and couldn't find a solution to
my specific problem. I have a GT-N7000 which I managed to sucessfully root in the
past(not using odin) via the file being on my phone. Recently my phone tried to
do an automated update and not it wont boot at all. I can't even get it to boot into
recovery mode(I know how). I can however boot it into download mode. I have tried
flashing a new PDA with odin but even tho it says successful I am still stuck in the same
logo loop. I would appreciate any assistance. I am somewhat of a noob and would
really like it if it was step by step, including what files I need and where to find them.

Thanks in advance.