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It’s been a while that I have a challenge with some issues in quality of my videos in Instagram and it gets me frustrated.
Here is my story:
First of all, I’m an admin of a business page, I wanted to upload videos on my Instagram and I need to put a cover with text on video but after uploading, I see it’s not look good in thumbnail page and Instagram makes the quality of the cover of my videos so low and in thumbnail you just see videos with low cover quality while I choose and put a good quality for covers.
My videos resolution are 852*480 , so I made a frame in Photoshop that consist a photo of video and a title on a background at the bottom of the video at the beginning I saved photos as the same size (852*480 ) of video then I uploaded it into Instagram but I saw the thumbnail photo has very low quality and blocky that the text in the bottom of the video was not readable and if I don’t change the video to be wide ( 1:1 ) , the thumbnail photo and the text of the cover is readable at least , but it wasn’t workout for me because my video is wide and I can not upload in square aspect ratio , because Instagram cut my video from both side . after this I’ve tried many solutions from all over the internet to solve this problem but none of them worked. I tried different resolutions in both video ( wide and normal). I changed the whole photo and video. I changed my editing program from Filmora to Premier but none of them worked.
I tried with too many different videos format and resolutions and they did not work as well.
I really need to know why is that happen to me I couldn’t find the exact problem as mine in the internet so I need help with that.

This is my Instagram account :

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