Need advice - looking for app for storing photos, contact, etc. for my ATT HTC One M7.

Gumby Pokey

Jul 22, 2015
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Please someone help.
I am looking for a safe, reliable app for storing/backup of gallery, contacts, etc for contents of my HTC One M7.

I've tried HTC Sync Manager but it allowed me to backup my gallery only.

I recently did an oopsey & did a factory reset & list even rything. Dah.

Would appreciate advice on a safe reliable app I can access via PC & cell for storing/backup for photos, contacts, files, etc. In case it helps, my OS on my PC is Windows 8.

Looked on Google Play Store but unsure which app is good option.

I appreciate any help advice from people who have had successful experience with a good, safe & reliable option.


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