Need an app to make AND take inventory


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Dec 6, 2012
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My father in law tasked me to help him do inventory of one of his collections. We have a spreadsheet on a windows pc that lists each item and its information. That spreadsheet has all of five columns of data. We also have a photo of every item, stored on my pc and at dropbox. We want to change that collection of information to android.

How we perform inventory is to copy the item number column from the spreadsheet into a word file and print it with multiple columns then check off the items one by one as they are come across.

I have a Nexus 7 (love it!) and I'm thinking I can do all that on the tablet but I cannot find an app that's appropriate. I've come across lots of apps to *create* an inventory but none to *take* inventory. I know that in Evernote there are check boxes but I cannot seem to be able to combine the check boxes with existing data except by manually adding them line by line (this is NOT an option as there are way too many items).

From Google Play I've tried Inventory Droid, iStore Purchase Sales Inventor, Rapid Inventory (free) and TIM. Unless I missed something, with these apps there's no way to import data or no way to take an inventory using the app. Google Play says that Inventory Management Trial will not work on the Nexus. SIM (Simple Inventory Manager) for Home Inventory doesn't seem to have a method of taking inventory either.

Having the photos in the app is not important, though it would be nice to have if it isn't a pain in the rear to connect the info to the photo.

Ultimately, all we want to be able to do, really, is see a list of the item numbers and be able to click a check box to indicate that yes, we found the item.

Might anyone know of an app that will do what we need?

Thanks so much!

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