Need exchange +gmail with security bypass, anyone?


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Need exchange +gmail with security bypass

Unified inbox, solid email app needed. Security bypass is a must. Battery drain/phone performance are the next concerns. Calendar or to do list are nice to sync but unnecessary.

Apps considered:

Nine: love it but doesn't support Gmail. For the Exchange support, I cant tell what is good about this compared to TypeApp or Cloud Magic.

Mailwise: don't want the remote control which I believe will hog my phone performance and battery.

Cloud Magic and TypeApp. I can't tell which is better for me. Any insight much appreciated.

TouchDown: seems to be a dinosaur from the past once in full glory but now facing extinction

Unless you got something better, I am considering #3, bu can't tell which is better:

TypeApp: more features but slower and sometimes search function doesn't work properly.

CloudMagic: lightweight but lacks some helpful features like quick reply, option to set unified inbox as the default view, and less flexibility in customizable swipe actions, etc.


Jul 14, 2011
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Re: Need exchange +gmail with security bypass

I just downloaded Nine and it is just like having your Exchange account in your phone...minus the security stuff (I just want to use Smart Lock!!!). Anyway, shady company policy bypassing aside, I also tried Type and Blue but those don't have calendar support. CloudMagic does, but doesn't integrate with the stock apps.

Nine does. E-Mail in the app, everything else in the stock apps, so your calendar does show up in your calendar. And they do explain why they don't support GMail anymore (Google's 'fault', actually). Not sure if possible, but maybe you could add GMail as a POP account or IMAP?


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Oct 25, 2017
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Re: Need exchange +gmail with security bypass

Another option is to use the Exchained app (search "exchained biko" in app store). No root needed, works with unmodified apps (including Nine, gmail, nine, etc)