Need Help About Galaxy S8 Picture Ratio and Quality about Social Networks?

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Guys i just got an S8 it has an amazing camera and i love it.
The pics look crisp and clean on the phone etc.
I was wondering what is the best picture ratio when you want to post something on Social Medias, for instance Instagram.
I noticed that the pictures look super clean and in details on the phone however when i post it to Instagram it sacrifices the pictures details and quality.
Should i be using the default 4:3 ratio(12M) or the Default 4:3(6M) or the 16:9 ratio (9.1m) or 16:9(3.7M) i'm confused any help would be much appreciated.
What is the ideal size for social Medias that it does not sacrifice any details


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Mar 24, 2012
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9:16 (widescreen in vertical position) will be ideal for throwaway pics. If you want something you plan to keep though then go for tilting the phone into landscape. For instance.. if its going to be a people/selfies pic that I would most likely not zoom in on then go vertical, but if its a location/"look at this!" picture that i want to zoom or go full screen on then go widescreen.

Resolution wise, keep it at maximum. That way you still get best as detail as you can when the service reduced its size.