need help. brand new to droids. self taught hacker


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Jan 8, 2013
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Anyone out there willing to help me learn all that I need to know so that I can begin to hack my note 2 and be as proficient as I was on iphones. I was Yoda on iphones and now a noob on droids. Just trying to use the hacking skills learned from jailbreaking iphones, using the command line, tunneling via ssh etc... so although I'm a noob to droids, not so much a noob to the scene. I just want to become as proficient as I can as quick as I can without bricking my device. I want to be fully up to speed for when Ubuntu OS releases in about a year for mobile devices. Then that will make my note 2 a truly mobile computing device. I would like to start small and then add as my skills develop I'm not trying to run before I walk. If anyone that's a master out there is willing to be my Yoda I would gladly reciprocate however able. I just want to do my best to remove as much possibilities as I can that could brick my device. I've got an att sgh-1317 Samsung GalaxyNote2. I learn extremely fast and look forward to learning all that I can about this sweet droid platform. I should have made the switch a long time ago. Apple had their hooks in me and the veil over my eyes. I'm now free and it's time to see what this phone/tablet can do.

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