Need help in getting USB drive to work on the LG G5


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Dec 21, 2016
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Based on the compatibility list from Sandisk's website, the LG G5 supports Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive Type-C.

The link can be found here: SanDisk USB Type-C Flash Drive Compatibility

I will try to describe my problem clearly below.

I just bought a Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive Type-C 128GB. It work fine with my laptop when I use the usb A connector. My phone have the camplus module connected and I tried to connect the type c connector of the Ultra Dual USB Drive to my LG G5 and I realise the phone was unable to recognize it or even detect it. So after sometime I figure out that the problem is most likely the CamPlus so i swapped the module with the original phone connector (the components with speaker only). Now the LG G5 is able to detect the USB drive but it is quite intermittent and the USB Drive can get ejected randomly. I also downloaded the Sandisk Memory Zone App and the application was not able to detect the USB drive. I tried es file manager too but it is also unable to detect the flash drive. The only file manager that works is the build-in LG's file manager and as I mention previously the USB drive can get ejected randomly the build-in LG's file manager is only able to detect the USB drive when it is successfully mounted. On some lucky occasion when the USB drive is mounted successfully, I am able to see the thumbnail of the content inside the USB drive but I am unable to play any video from the USB drive.

I tried the Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive Type-C on my Zenfone 3 which also have a USB type c connector port. Initially, when I plugged in the USB drive into my Zenfone 3 said something about unrecognized format and suggest me to format it on the phone. I followed the onscreen instruction and format the USB drive, now the USB drive works flawlessly on my Zenfone 3.

Next, I tried to used the formatted USB drive on my LG G5 but the same issue that I encounter previously on the LG G5 still persist.

Does anyone have any idea LG phone only able to recognize sd card instead of USB drive? Had anyone encountered my problem before and know the work around or perhaps anyone have some idea how to fix it? I am also not really sure why is the LG G5 only able to view the content the build-in LG's file manager. Thanks for reading this long post. Cheers!

P.S.The USB drive is formatted in exFAT format.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Nice thing about SanDisk - you can discuss this with a real live technician at the company. Go to SanDisk microSD Tech Support, the upper-right corner, and look for Chat Live. (It's probably something simple, or something they'll get on and fix, like they did with Samsung's mess-up with the S3.)

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