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Need Help Picking Budget Phone with Good Camera for Boost Mobile?


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Need Help Picking Budget Phone with Good Camera for Boost Mobile

Hi, I don't know much about phones but was recently considering switching to an Iphone 5s just so I can finally get a phone with a decent camera. However, I think I will stick with budget Android phones since I think I can get an Android phone with a decent camera cheaper. Plus I already really like androids in general.

So, I currently have a Moto G (the one with a 5MP main camera). I love everything about it except the camera is not good. I want a phone with a camera that is on par with an Iphone 4s or Iphone 5s and that will work with Boost Mobile.

Can anyone give me a suggestion of a budget phone (can be old models or new, I don't mind buying used ones on ebay) that is as good as a Moto G (5MP version) in every way but also has a camera that is equivalent or better than an Iphone 4s or 5s? It also has to work on Boost Mobile (if that is not possible, I may be willing to switch to Metro PCS too). I'm looking for a phone that I can buy used on ebay for under $100.

I've done a bit of research myself, and I don't know much about these, but maybe the LG G Stylo (8MP version) would be good, or maybe the Galaxy SIII? Thanks

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
Re: Need Help Picking Budget Phone with Good Camera for Boost Mobile

Welcome to Android Central! Be aware that Boost isn't that flexible when it comes to bringing your own device. They generally have to be Sprint phones, and the list is still somewhat limited: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...3A%2F%2Fwww.boostmobile.com%2F&token=eZqhr_8Q

In general, I'd lean towards the better Samsung phones, or perhaps an LG G2 or G3. But I'm not sure if you'll find them for <$100.