Need Help with Corrupted SD card recovery


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Dec 18, 2012
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Can someone please help me?
Here is the issue:
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that I transferred my micro SD Card into from my previous smart phone. About a month ago I realized that some of the pictures were corrupted and called verizon they told me to put the sd card in the old phone and see if I could delete the corrupted pictures. Did that, the card went back to working as I was used to it working. I then had a friend download some music to it. That also worked fine until verizon sent out the Jelly bean update. When the phone turned off and then back on after the update, the phone gave me an error message that said the SD card is damaged and needs to be formatted. I immediately took it out of the phone and put it aside.

Current issue:
So today I purchased a card reader, New micro SD card and came home and downloaded Recuva. So far everything is great. All the files, I care about came up in the directory with little green circles next to them. (All the music and my 5 sms back-ups) I then hit the recover icon at the bottom of the screen and the data gathered. Then it never recovered over to my c drive or to the flash drive (memory stick) that that I put into one of the other ports. I keep getting 1 or 2 messages. The one I am seeing the most is " The parameter is incorrect" the other one I am seeing is that the memory is not ready for the data. I am now at the point where all I care about are the 5 sms back ups. The music can be reloaded later. files are called sms-"date backed up and a string of numbers".xml

(first thing I did was to run the computer in CMD mode and run chkdsk :/r and then chkdsk :/f neither of these two could complete the run though the card. It crashed as unreadable after about 50% of the files were read. )

So question is: What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Or is there something else I should be trying?
Thanks so much in advance

Update as to additional things tried tonight
So here's what else I have tried so far tonight. I went back into the CMD mode of my computer and ran chkdsk d:/f this now produced a name of a file that is corrupted. Also says that it removed the file. I then ran chkdsk again with the exact same result. The file was not removed.
Running recuva again I am getting more files recovered now and more green circles. But, when actually trying to recover the files I am still getting the message "The parameter is incorrect"
Most of the other software i have found is either for recovering pictures or deleted files not corrupted ones or for hard drives on computers not SD cards. This is the only software that appears to do what i need it to do for my issue. I think I may be in over my head and it may be time to pay a professional to move on from here. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again for taking your time to reply to me.
Apr 26, 2010
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I use card recovery which was like 30.00 when I had one of my compact flash cards become corrupted during a wedding ceremony.
The files were there, the partition on the card was corrupted.
If the file is corrupted and you are getting the parameter issue then it seems as though it is not a "complete" file.
What card manufacturer is it?
I think by doing check disk you may have destroyed what you had.

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