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need help with my alcatel one touch phone!!


New member
Mar 23, 2018
ever since last week i haven't been able to screenshot, save any pictures to my gallery, and all of my pictures in my gallery turned gray and many of them have disappeared (there may be some other problems i have forgotten about).

i factory reset yesterday but it didn't fix any of my problems!! could it be that i didn't erase my sd card that i still have these problems?

please help!!


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
If you did a factory reset, you have no pictures (unless you have them backed up). A factory reset removes anything you've added to the phone since it came out of the box.

It could have to do with your SD card, but you'd have to format it to fix the problem that would cause what you're seeing (if it exists due to the SD card), so back up everything on the card.