need help with the text box for my samsung s3 mini


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Mar 3, 2014
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alright so everytime i have a text that is really long from someone, i obviously have to reply with a long reply.. and everytime i go over 4 lines of text, the text box decides it wants to get bigger and bigger, thus blocking out the text from the recipient, because of this i am unable to scroll up or down and see what they have said next, etc... also when the text box reaches the top of the screen, and i continue typing, the text continues going on to the next line but the screen does not follow the text, so i no longer know if what im typing is correct or not.. (incase you think im stupid, i have tried scrolling down and that does not work)..

i just need to know if there is any way to lock the text box so that it can only have a certain amount of lines showing at once.. eg. 3 or 2.. or so that it has a fixed size or something that will stop it from doing what it is doing

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