Need Root as with the new update it is hard and 802.1x EAP wireless connections arent working


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Dec 6, 2014
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Hey guys thanks so much for the responses and all the help I have recieved in the past few days with this god dang phone. I have two more things I would like to get working and then I am done messing with this phone. I would like to 1. root it which has now been extremely hard with the update I just did for my vzw s4. 2. I can connect to wifi every where except at my school which runs 802.1x EAP and I would like to connect to that. I have friends with the same phone and carrier and they can connect fine. Will custom mod change this or what ... I have had lg phones and older samsung phones do this no problem!!Thanks again for all your help!!

*** honestly wont mind going back a few updates life was much simpler