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Dec 14, 2012
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I have been trolling for the last 3 weeks and had my Nexus for about 2. I have been very thankful for all the help from the members here and I thankful that you guys have made some of the difficult stuff (prob not for most of you) easy to understand - that being said I feel I know very little.

I need some help as I have to choose to keep a GS3 or keep my Nexus 4.
I was getting used to the basic UI and broke the screen and Used Nexus for about 10 days during the holiday/have had a GS3 for about 3 days.

below are some facts/thoughts to hopefully spark some good advice (based on general preferences/concerns below) from the more knowledgable and I'm really sorry about the long post:
~Not happy lost some important pics/vids taken that day due to break and loss of opp to download (due to no sd and not fan of cloud).
~Info security - not sure who has my data (Google, Samsung, whomever they sold it to, App guy that I'm afaid to leave bad feedback for, etc)Camera is important as I don't carry my main ~when the moment arises + for GS3
~Hate the bloatware from samsung.
~Don't like the hassle of not being able to get updates that work after rooted + for nexus as made for rooting.
~Don't like the way the Nexus signal bounces from 3G to H when on the internet and it seems a slower than the GS3 as it always seems to send in 3G and download in H (sorry if this doesn't make sense).
~I mod to get the phones to the most efficient set up then only tinker a little to upgrade.
~Overall both phones seem snappy in use and both seem real intuitive.
~I like to do my research and tend to hold onto my phones for over a year but pressed for time and need help.
~Lastly - and this is just my opinion - no phone is long term and for the most part the next wave of phones will focus on access hardware as all the processing will be done in the cloud so will get 2 years tops from this phone.

***I have 2 days to choose.

That's it. Appreciate your time for reading the data dump and I would appreceate any feedback on which to choose.

Thanks everyone.

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