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Need to factory reset g6 play. Will it revert to Oreo, or stay on Pie (manually upgraded)??

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I had to upgrade my g6 play in October (it wouldn't ota). Everything has been great, however in the 2 months or so it has started lagging sometimes. Then in the past month I have randomly gotten 3 system warnings, telling me it would be wise to reset it to fix a problem (which I was planning on doing soon anyhow, just to refresh it).
When I factory Reset it, will it revert back to Oreo, then I'll have to go through the process again of manually upgrading it to Pie? Or will it just go back to Pie??

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Welcome to the forums. No, don't worry. A factory reset will delete all your personal data (including reverting preinstalled apps to their original version), but it won't affect the Android version that you have installed.