Need to take phone back, couple of questions


Dec 9, 2009
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Best Buy sold me a phone with a couple of problems (dented speaker cover, little black spot of god-knows-what on the screen I can't get off, and a loose batt cover) so I wanna take it back and get another one. However, I'm wondering:

1. Will it remember the apps I've downloaded so far? What about my contacts and such? I know it remembers some things to your gmail account, but what exactly? I wanna know what I'm gonna have to remember and what it's gonna remember for me.

2. When I do a factory reset it won't clear out whatever saved to my gmail account, right?

3. How exactly do I do a factory reset? I wanna clear all my emails and contacts out of the phone before I bring it back, but I havent dug through the menus enough to find it.

Thanks in advance.