Netflix: Frame dupe every 3 seconds


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Mar 12, 2011
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Now that Netflix has fixed its audio problem on the D3, it's almost perfect, except for one issue I'm seeing -- every three seconds, the video stutters as it duplicates a single frame. It's not really noticeable on the device's screen, since it's sluggish response time tends to smear artifacts away, but it does show up pretty glaringly when output over HDMI to a decent flatpanel.

I have no idea whether it did this before the fix for the clicking, as the audio problem was so obtrusive that it would have overwhelmed any video artifacts in my eyes (ears). If it's new, it could be an artifact of the fix -- though for that to be true, they'd have to be using some bizarre voodoo for their A/V synchronization for this to be the result.

Now, since I've molested my /system pretty heavily, I can't eliminate the possibility that it's my own fat-fingers which are to blame, and not Netflix, but I don't think it is. Can anyone confirm that this is afflicting their device as well?