Never receive email alerts for new forums (but old forum alerts still work)


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Oct 26, 2013
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I'm having trouble subscribing to daily or weekly email digests for certain new forums. I have no problems subscribing to daily or instant email notification to individual threads, and I only seem to have problems with managing new forum subscriptions, because my old forum subscriptions still work.

I've tried from both my PC and mobile web browsers, and the site appears to allow me to subscribe (either daily or weekly), but I never receive emails for those newly subscribed forums (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or S9 forums). However, my email digest alerts for older forums (like Note 5, etc.) still work so I know the subscription feature is not completely broken. (And yes, I've checked my spam folder.)

I've unsubscribed and re-subscribed multiple times to reset or jumpstart the notifications, but nothing ever works. Is there something wrong with my account, or can we no longer subscribe to daily or weekly email digests for newly/recently created forums? I have no idea why my old forum subscriptions still work. This problem only appeared within the past year (when I tried to subscribe to the Note 8, Note 9, S8 and S9 forums).

At least one other person had a similar issue, so I'm hoping a solution is available.

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