New Archos on the way ... yippie


Feb 8, 2011
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I just bought an Archos 70 ... 250GB online. It's a pretty impressive tablet for $350. My story is I had a 64GB 3G iPad for my job so I was hooked on the tablet experience of course. But alas, I quit that job to take another one and no free iPad for me. I will be air travelling a lot and I couldn't go back to watching movies on my laptop with the moron in front of me always leaning all the way back and my screen not fitting... and then I get pissed... AAAHHHH.

So, I tried to go the cheap route and after reading on here. I wanted something that could watch h.264 or MP4 movies, read books, do music and play games. I went with the NOOK Color thinking I could just root it and put Honeycomb on it. If only it were that easy. It just wouldn't work no matter how many times I tried so I gave up on that idea. I got movies to convert using Handbrake, but what a pain to do for every movie and I'll watch 8 or so a week while flying. I also stay in hotels a lot and it doesn't have HDMI out.

SOOOO, I decided to order the Archos today. I love that it has the huge hard drive. I can put good quality rips on it and still have room to spare. I also won't have to mess around with converting each movie.... love that idea.

People slam Archos for quality a bit... maybe it's true if you get a bad one. I had an old 20GB Archos media player back before the iPod could even do video. I used it on trips back then to watch movies. You could plug it right into your DVD player and it would capture it (no lic. issues or anydvd needed... ahhh the days before the legal problems started). It always worked well for me... and I still have the thing all these years later. It works, but the screen is small, it's rather bulky by todays standards... and the battery doesn't last long of course.

I'm hoping this Archos 70 Tablet will do the job for me! It has got to be better than messing around and trying to make a NOOK Color be a full fledged tablet.... and it only cost $100 more (although I could've got the 8gb flash model for only $20 more than the Nook).


Feb 15, 2011
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I think you will like it. So far I find it fun to use & 250Gb gives you lots of options. Android feels like a substantial OS, not very limited as expected. I got a car charger + an external pack to keep it going and a case to protect and support it. So far, so good. The 7 inch screen is nice, personal yet practical. With Andoid 2.3 & 2.4 to come, this looks like a good bet.


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Jul 22, 2010
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I think it'll do everything you wanted it to do at a fraction of the cost of a iPad or a Galaxy Tab.
I love my 101 !

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