New Back Covers Affecting Signal/Wifi Bars :-(


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Sep 26, 2012
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I search the forum on this but no luck. I decided to change my back cover on my phone, I really dislike my back cover because it has the logo of tmobile. I have no clue why the iPhone is the only phone I've seen that have any logos on them (old iPhone user), so I decided might as well change to different cover and texture. I bought this nice blushed metal one Matek Deluxe Aluminium Skin Metal Housing Battery Door Cover for Samsung Galaxy SIV S4 i9500: Cell Phones & Accessories really nice and gave it a nice premium feel, fits perfect. However my signal bars dropped and so did my wifi, I tried it a few times even restarting phone and nothing, immediately upon placing cover the bars dropped, I actually go from 4lte to 4g. I did some digging and read more reviews on this cover, it's a known issue, yet they're still being sold. I ended up buying a plastic painted chrome one (contains no metal) Silver Mirror Chrome Plated Battery Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy s IV S4 I9500 | eBay still even with this plastic one the signal bars and wifi bars are lost, It drops again from 4g lte to 4g. No idea why this is happening but I am getting frustrated. Any tips or advice? I might just buy the orignal back cover without the tmobile logo on it, saw it on amazon. Any suggestions on nice back covers that don't affect signal or wifi? (Btw I always have a case on my phone, I do like to have the phone naked sometimes tho).


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Aug 16, 2012
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I like the Samsung S-View cover accessory, replaces the back cover but adds functionality as well. Flip cover type cases probably won't work if you like having other cases on though.

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