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Sep 6, 2011
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So yesterday I went out and bought a Verizon Samsung Charge.

Consider me clueless, I enjoy the look and everything but hate that is has so much preloaded BS on it right out of the box. I also don't know what other 4G Android smartphone would have been a better choice on Verizon.

Should I have waited for a device later in the fall? I still have a while to return the device.

Should I root the device after the return period expires? I have no idea how to do this but understand that it is fairly easy. Then which root program should I use, I don't know any of the terminology and will fully admit to being a newb but I hear there are a ton of options for rooting and just wanted to get a better feel for all of this overwhelming information.

I know most of you guys are programers and have put a significant amount of time in to customize your device as best as possible but I just wanted to get a better idea of my new phone.



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Jan 10, 2010
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Most people would likely tell you to return it and wait on the Bionic, and I would agree with the qualifier that you should wait a good month or two to see how buggy the Bionic is in the field then decide.


Nov 29, 2010
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I would not be one of them (as far as the bionic goes), what I would do is root and put on the debloated EE4 rom on NOW before the return period is up. Why? because you like the phone in theory, but hate the bloat. Run it for a week or so debloated and see if you still like it. If so, you may have a winner and want to move on from there to a custom rom. Take out what you hate and see if the phone does what you want. If you still want to take it back, it takes all of 15 minutes to go back to stock and then you can return it.

here is the debloated EE4 (current) ROM: [ROM][06-10-2011] EE4 Debloated V4.2.1 - xda-developers
Here is a good step by step (READ THIS FIRST):

if you decide to go back to stock and return it, here is the thread:

The biggest fear with flashing something is fear itself. It isnt hard once you read up on it, and it is close to impossible to really screw it up.
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