New emails won't sync unless retrieving very old emails


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Mar 26, 2014
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I've recently upgraded to a Note 3 from a previous Galaxy, and it's giving me a major issue with the email app using any IMAP email account. When I first set up an email account, everything seems fine. It downloads the mail (both read and unread) up to the 'number of emails to load' limit. For testing all of this, I have it set to 25 - though even with "total" selected I have the same fault (it's just more tedious to test). There's nothing 'special' about my IMAP account which could cause any authentication or other issues.

After it has successfully downloaded the first batch of emails after configuration, things start to go wonky. For some reason, the Note will refuse to download any unread or otherwise 'new' emails. If I press the refresh button, the syncing-arrow-circle spins around for a moment as though it's doing something, but nothing comes in as unread - despite me knowing there's unread emails in my inbox. It doesn't play a 'phantom' new email notification or anything - It just acts as though there's nothing new to retrieve at all. :mad:

The only way I can force my Note3 to download new emails is to scroll all the way to the oldest email in order to 'trigger' the application to download emails *older* than the oldest email already on my device. When it checks the server for these older emails, the new, unread ones suddenly appear at the top of the list. I'm having to limit the 'number of emails to load' to 25, simply so that I don't have to scroll to the bottom of 3000+ emails each time I need to refresh my inbox - each time I need to refresh, it's forcing me to load another 25 old emails.

I have Sync turned on;
I've tried "push" as well as different times in the Sync Schedule;
I've disabled Peak Schedule in order to remove any conflicts;
I've set the roaming rules to match non-roaming, also to remove any conflicts
"Size to retrieve emails" is set to 'All';
I have tried "Total" in 'number of emails to load' but it just forces me to scroll past thousands of emails before getting to the bottom to trigger the 'true' refresh.

Normally I would put this down to me stuffing something up on my phone with a custom ROM or something, but this phone's completely fresh. Not rooted, not modded in any way; It's only 3 or 4 days old. I'm using all stock applications for core functions (no 3rd party diallers, lockers, contacts, or sms apps or whatnot) so I have no idea what could be causing this issue. Not downloading any newly received emails seems like a very serious flaw to me - one that could certainly not have been overlooked when in development - which leads me to believe I've got some kind of setting wrong or something.

I would prefer no recommendations to use a 3rd party email application - the ability to check new email is a core requirement of any email application so surely the stock Samsung/Android email app can handle that :p

Thanks for any help any of you can offer - things are getting a bit desperate for me now!

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