New Features in Froyo

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Sep 21, 2010
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Anybody want to take on listing all of the new features of Froyo under one post? I'm sure there are several threads with these scattered and buried elsewhere, but I don't want to search x number of threads for every piece of it. Here's a start and I know I haven't gotten all of them...plz share:
-App Save to SD Card
-Camera pinch zoom
-Camera photos correct orientation
-Homescreen Edit/add/delete a page
-Editable Primary Shortcuts
-Bluetooth Voice dailing
-GPS fix
-Color Settings Icons
-5th pulldown button for Silence
-3G toggle in settings
-New 3G status bar
-Blue battery charge complete status icon
-New Screen lock options
-New Text Messaging interface
-Flash support
-New Browser app: Internet
-News and Weather widget
-Contacts and Gmail default save to Google
-New Google Search Bar
-New Alarm app
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