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New GNX Owner


New member
Feb 15, 2011
Just wanted to say to the group. I decided to purchase a used Galaxy Nexus off eBay the other day to hold me over until I can decide what my new phone will be. I've had an upgrade sitting in my pocket for about 4 months now and just couldn't decide what to do. Originally was looking at the HTC One but Verizon took way to long to get that out ( still waiting actually ). Then I thought I had decided on the Moto X, I was excited for the launch and I'm happy with the spec since i'm not a power user but once I saw that Verizon wasn't getting the customization until later I had to do something. I have to say for a phone that's nearly two years old this phone functions great. Much better than the two year old Droid 3 I was using. 4.2.2 on this thing and it fly's. This phone has me hoping that Verizon decides to carry the next nexus phone but i'm not holding my breath.


Well-known member
May 21, 2011
But sadly, Verizon blocks Google Wallet if you were interested in that.....


New member
Jul 18, 2012
I too just ordered a GN off ebay to use while I wait for my local "authorized reseller" to get a Droid Maxx in, and to serve as my backup phone. (My Razr died in a river, and using my OG Droid is killing me, I can barely make phone calls.)

Is there anything I should check when I get the phone? I'm sure rooting & roms are common, and I may play with that eventually, but I'm more looking for common issues to look for, or really outstanding accessories, etc. I've had 2 other Android phones and both generations of Nexus 7, so I'm generally familiar with what can be done with Android.