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Mar 23, 2010
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Hi all!

Got my NC last night with the intentions of turning it into a android tab. I want to be able to surf the web, do email, youtube, play games, access the android market, flash, do light MS office style stuff, etc. Wish I could stream Netflix.... I think I need android 2.2 froyo at least and not really comfortable with the honeycomb stuff looking at the strong disclaimers.

I have a Samsung Fascinate running stock 2.1/Launcher Pro and had a stock moto droid prior to that so I'm familiar with stock android but not so much with the rooting process nor linux. I also have my MacBook so, I'm looking at my NC to fill the gap between the full on laptop and the phone.

Doing my research today and plan to get down and dirty tonight after work.

I have a few questions (forgive my noobishness if these answers are all over the place and I can't find them.)

1) should I update to 1.1 before I do anything?

2) what is my best bet in terms of which version of the root to use (nookie? auto nooter? internal? off card?)

3) once i complete one of these root procedures, do I then have to install a rom to get "x" version of android? Or does the root process do that for me? If I do need a rom where can I get a stable version of a 2.2 or higher rom?

4) what else should I do after this to get the bells and whistles going?

Thanks so much! I'm eager as a beaver but, as a first time rooter - cautious. I want a tried and true root that I can use daily and not worry about too much. Not the newest and greatest under development stuff.


Feb 7, 2011
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Welcome to the wonderful world of rooted Nook.

1) and 2):
There is a great thread in this forum that explains in detail how to go about rooting your device. Read the whole thing, including all of comments that following before starting. Other users will have asked many of the same questions that you will have during the process and they have largely been answered within the thread:

The Nook has Android 2.1 installed as its base OS. B&N simply overlay their own software over Android. Once you root the device, you will have a fully functional Android 2.1 tablet. I would not recommend trying to move to one of the other preliminary versions of Android (2.2 or 3.0) just yet....that is a little more advanced and these are not yet very stable. If you feel you must try and move on to a newer version of Android, probably the best place to start would be an SD card installation of Froyo (Android 2.2). Detailed directions on how to do this can be found in another thread:

Flaunt your new tablet in the faces of iPad owners and (soon-to-be) Xoom owners as you spent a fraction of the money and got much of the same functionality.
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