New Note 2 Owner (YAY!) with some questions...


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Mar 16, 2011
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So after many weeks of debating between the iphone 5, the Droid DNA and the Note 2 I finally pulled the trigger. The iphone made me feel like I was getting less phone for my money and the Droid DNA just seemed like a super-sized version of the Incredible 4G I was currently using...meaning it really didn't have any features besides the screen that blew my mind. The Note 2 is just next level.

My questions are:

1. Are HTC phones the only ones that allow you to enter a persons name and or number on the keypad when using the dialer in the phone app. Yes I can go to the contacts tab on the Note 2 but the HTC way is a lot slicker. If it can be done how do you turn it on?

2. Can you organize the app list alphabetically? Right now all the apps are a jumbled mess.

3. Is there a way to have the phone automatically turn on wifi when I get home? If not is there an app recommendation which would allow me to do this?

4. Is there a way to add more columns and rows to the homescreen in Touchwiz? If I change launchers do I give up a lot of S-pen or other Touchwiz features?

Thanks for any and all help.


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Jun 30, 2012
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1. yes you can enter the person's name in the keypad of the don't have to turn it on, just have your contacts synced up

2. with the app drawer open hit the menu button and select view alphabetical grid

3. if you have wifi on at home, leave and go elsewhere your phone will revert to 3g/4g when you leave the wifi range....when you return home it will reconnect automatically

4. you would have to use a different launcher with that function, but i believe you would lose the ;page buddy or snote pop up features for one. i hate having all the apps on the screen since i find that a function of the app drawer. you can always put apps on the screen in folders instead of adding a ton of icons onto the screens.


Dec 15, 2012
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3. You could get NFC tags and touch your phone to it on your desk or something at home. Using the app NFC Task Launcher you can program the tags so when your phone touches them certain actions happen like turn wifi on and turn the phone to vibrate. Almost anything you want really. It is like logging into different profiles depending on where you are. I keep one on my desk, one in my car, and one on my laptop bag for school.

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May 18, 2011
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#3 You can get the app Locale. It will do exactly what you want and a lot more. It will also do location based reminders like Siri, when combined with Astrid and a plug in.

Some things it will do:
1 Asleep- turns off all notifications except for specific callers
2 In a Meeting- turns notifications to vibrate during timed calendar events
3 Home- turn on Wi-Fi, turn off BT, change ring tone, remind me to kiss my wife, etc.
4 Default- your normal set up, so when you leave the meeting your notifications go back to normal, turn off Wi-Fi, turn on BT, etc.
5 Costco- remind me to buy milk, 20# box of cereal, etc.

Finding this app was a big win for me.

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