Question New phone, different video and notification sounds settings?


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May 20, 2024
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I went from the note 10+ to s24 ultra. There are some differences that I am not happy with.

1) I can't take pictures while I am recording a video, unless I shoot on 8k. That's the only option that I can record and take pics at the same time

2) When I send a video through WhatsApp, the quality is terrible. I tried all different video quality settings but no luck.

3) When I receive an email, there is no notification sound. I have to go into my Gmail to check if there are any emails.

4) I cannot change the notification sounds of the apps. On my old phone, I used to have different notification sounds for each app but now I can't do that with all of them. For example Facebook messenger, regular texts messenger, Instagram and phone notifications have the same sound.

Thank you