New S22+ Text Conversation Issue


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Dec 14, 2013
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***EDIT*** I just found this video explaining what I needed to do and by golly it worked! Here's a link to it; perhaps it will help someone like it did me!

Hey folks, I just upgraded from an S8 Active to an S22+ today and wow is it fast and pretty "techy" compared to my four year old S8!

Here's my issue: I used Smart Switch to transfer the "stuff" from the S8 to the new phone. Surprisingly...everything transferred over okay...or so I thought. When I opened up my texts, I could see the 15 or so conversations I had on my S8 were now on the S22+; so I'm thinking "sweet!!!" Unfortunately when I opened a few of those conversations, almost without exception, the only part of the conversation and any pics were what the other party sent me. NONE of "my side" of the conversation transferred over. I ran the text messages through Smart Switch again and it made no difference. I then called my local AT&T store and described my issue. The gal there told me to download the AT&T Mobile Transfer app on both phones, select the text messages-only like I did the second time with Smart Switch and see what happens. Welp...the same thing happened again, my side of the conversation is still missing. I had my wife text me and I replied to her. Now my "new" text responses to her ARE in the conversation but only her side of the conversation was shown prior to that.

So am I missing something here or am I just doomed with this issue. Believe me, I'm thankful to have what I do have from all these folks with our conversations but it would be nice to see what I had to say and sent!

And I did use the wireless wi-fi method to transfer the data. Perhaps Thursday night when I get home from work and have some time, I may try the cable method...

Thanks in advance!
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Feb 6, 2017
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Hi welcome to AC!( I know your not new but first post here)

Thanks for the tip, I recommend also if you do back up and transfer use the default message app then once everything transfer over use the other app .

Mr Bojangles1

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Oct 29, 2019
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On your old phone download SMS backup and restore app in the play store. Do a backup to your Google drive. Then download the app on your new phone and restore from your Google drive.

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