New S23+ user. Advice needed.


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Oct 3, 2011
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I just got a new S23+ and having few issues that I need advice on resolving.

1. I use a Apple Mac computer as my main. I have been using Android File Transfer for transferring music albums to my S23. Is there a better media program I can use so I can easily drag & drop albums folders from a nicely displaying media program into S23 as if I was dragging from iTunes into a iPhone ? (obviously I can't drag & drop from iTunes to S23)

2. Can anyone recommend a cheap wireless charging dock that I can stand my phone upright and has a built in LED Clock/Alarm that I can place on my bedside table. Am not a fan of "always on" display on my S23. Preferablly charges at around 15W rate.

3. My Gmail notifications take 30 minutes to send me notifications to my phone. How can I make this instant ?