New TAG Heuer 41 - A few niggles


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Jul 9, 2018
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Hi all, Just got myself a new TAG Connected 41, Its my 2nd smart watch, my first being a Motorola 360, which honestly I used very little (I didnt really get on with the strap).

I've got it all set up which was no problem, but ive got a few niggles and questions that I'm hoping that some of you can help with...

"Alwas on screen" - 3 things:
- Sometimes "tilt-to-wake" works, sometimes not, it seems totally random...
- The always on face is VERY dull, but sometimes its a bit brighter, why does it vary brightness??
- I've activated burn-in protection, but in doing this the screen is now even duller, and I cant seem to de-activate it, it says its unactive in settings but i can clearly still see a pixel-shift happening.

I quite like the faces supplied by TAG, but there's just one little change i'd like to make to one of them, the always-on-face Tag Heuer symbol is monochrome, it would be nice if it was coloured red/green.
Is there any way to edit a stock face pack?
(I am a graphic designer and web dev by trade)

And now a couple of questions about the actual watch:
- Case material - I'm trying to figure out if the case is made from Stainless or Titanium, ive had a few titanium watches before and they had a distinct colour, being slightly grey-silver, this doesnt appear to be like that, except for inside the areas where the straps attach. Most watches actually say on them, and I wouldnt call this super-light. This isnt the ceramic version.