New text messages sent from phone are being over written/ replaced with an old message


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Dec 7, 2010
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In mid November, my wife and I both upgraded our old Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate) phones to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Our daughter lives approximately 170 miles from us and uses a Motorola Razr 4G phone. Our daily communication with her is usually in the form of SMS text messages. For about two weeks after getting our new phones every text message communication was normal.
Then one day our daughter informed us that each time my wife sent her a text, it was a repeat of a message that she (wife) had sent previously. When we compared the messages that my wife sent to the messages received by our daughter, it was obvious that something was very wrong. Somehow the old message that had been sent weeks earlier was stuck somewhere in the memory of either my wife's phone or our daughter's phone and was overriding any new message intended for my daughter. So far text message communication between my phone and both my wife's and daughter's phones have been unaffected.

I was very surprised to learn (via a Google search) that this has been happening to several Samsung phones, and apparently neither Samsung nor Google has addressed the issue. People have tried many methods to fix the problem, e.g., deleting all saved messages on the phone, removing and replacing the battery, and even the infamous "factory reset" all to no avail.

I would appreciate hearing from any forum member that has either experienced this, or a similar issue with their Samsung Galaxy S3

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