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May 22, 2012
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Hi all. I have a few questions, do I save a picture if someone sends me one via mms? there anyway to send a group message that isn't reply all?

Lastly, I haven't had the best battery life.....Facebook sync every 4 hours, gps off, no animation, screen timeout 30 seconds, etc
Yesterday, I only had 8 hours til it was at 15 percent.

Any suggestions


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Oct 6, 2010
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From a previous post of mine. There is also a good sticky in the MAXX forum about battery life. Welcome.

Seems like i have been talking alot about auto task killers recently. Here is the rundown i posted over in the MAXX forums.

In regard to the task manager and auto-kill, you should never use auto-kill on an android phone. The way the android os works is that it loads free memory with your frequently used apps to reduce load times. This does not mean the apps are running using battery, but are just sitting quietly waiting to be used. If you start something else that needs the memory, the os will clear them out to make room.

Auto-kill is constantly clearing these apps out of free memory and then the os reloads them. This cycle then repeats constantly, with significant damage to your battery life. So do not use auto-kill. You are ultimately doing the opposite to your battery of what you want.

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