New to Nexus 7 Apps/Tips/Suggestions?


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Jan 18, 2011
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I ordered the new Nexus 7 16GB yesterday from I should have it tomorrow (thanks PRIME). I am fairly new to Android. I owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 when it first came out over a year or so ago. But didn't keep it long at all. Not long enough to truly get a feel for Android and I don't think that was the best tablet at the time with all the bloatware. Looking forward to the pure Android experience.

So, what apps (games, productivity, anything really) do you guys recommend for a new Android user.

Any tips/suggestions for the Nexus 7 would be welcomed as well!


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Jul 9, 2011
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It depends on what you want to do with the tablet, and what kind of games you like. For starters though, here are a couple apps and games I tend to install on any Android device nowadays...

1. Nova Launcher (or other third party launcher) - only for minor customization (like moving the search bar), I generally like the look of stock Android these days.
2. Social media - Facebook, Falcon Pro (or whatever Twitter app you like), etc.
3. Cloud services - Dropbox, Box
4. Evernote - good for all sorts of things
5. General toolbox of apps - Wifi Analyzer, Speedtest, GPS Test, and the like for helping diagnose problems
6. Media - Netflix, Soundhound Infinity

As for games, check out the best selling category on Google Play for ideas. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (current addiction for side-scrolling endless runners)
2. Rayman Jungle Run (fun platformer with simple controls)
3. The Room (short but sweet puzzle game with awesome graphics and music)
4. Spaceteam (excellent party game, and now works with iOS too!)
5. Classics like Angry Birds, Plants v. Zombies, Temple Run 2, Pew Pew, Osmos HD, etc.

And one general tip: open up Google Music, hit the menu button (three dots) -> Settings -> Equalizer. It can have a dramatic effect on how the speakers sound for everything. If some options are greyed out, plug a set of headphones in and they should become available again.

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