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Mar 29, 2010
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G'day guy and gals!

Two years ago I used my 'new every two' to purchase a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone. I carried it for 6 months and was unbelievably disappointed, (Words cannot describe.) So I shut it off and activated my sister-in-laws old BB Curve. Well, 18 months later I was due for an upgrade, so off to the Verizon store I went.

There stood a guy in in the corner with a Microsoft Windows shirt on, talking to customers about the capabilities of WinMo. Long story short - he and I chatted for about an hour. I told him about all my woes with 6.1 and he reassured me that 6.5 was so much better! I played with the Samsung Omina II for another hour. And to give props to Samsung, it was a very snappy phone. So I purchased it. Over the course of a week I hammered away on it. Played with all the settings, installed apps, setup mail on internet mail and exchange. Then the more I played with it the more I realized that this was still 6.1 with a new paint job. (Kind of like Windows 95 and 98.)

I didn't know anything about the Android line, other than a few co-workers had it. I didn't give it serious consideration because I was holding out for the iPhone coming to Verizon. I took the WinMo phone back and purchased the Eris. I loved the sleek design and feel, and really love the interface. After playing with this phone for a week now, AT&T can keep their iPhone. I'm sticking with Android. This phone is just amazing. So far it's done just about everything I need/want it to do. I'm happy with 1.5, so I'm none the wiser about 2.1. Is it really going to be that much better?

Even better, is that my wife is due for an upgrade in 11 months, so I'll get the latest and greatest then! Thanks baby, for not wanting to carry a smart phone. More toys for your hubby! :)


Oct 29, 2009
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Android. Glad you like the phone.:D

To answer your question, yes 2.1 takes a good thing and makes it even better.

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