NEXUS 10 Sudden Power Drop 38% to 0% and sudden Power rise from 62% to 100%

John Booker1

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Jul 11, 2019
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Greetings Good People,
My Initial Problem:
32Gb Nexus 10 purchased 2013, original battery failed in late 2017 (flickering screen and shut down at high percentage), first battery replacement fine until May 2019 when Nexus began dying after 30 mins to one hour you tube, jumping down to zero and shutdown (no flickering)
So what did I try:
(All done with original charger)
1. Bought two new OEM Samsung batteries with very recent manufacturer date and replaced twice. Now the nexus dies after 6 hours of you tube showing battery at 38% and then instant Shutdown to 0%, when charging jumps from 68% to 100%
2. Changed Rom's and wiped file structures (All the way from through Base Google Images from 4.2 to 5.1.1 to Lineage, rooted with TWRP and SU) >> Did NOT fix the Problem
2. Clearing battery stats.etc. ( incl completely discharge and Charge and all those cycles usually we do to calibrate the battery) >> Did NOT Fix the Problem - voltage reads almost 4.3 at 100% and less than 3.7V at 0%
3. Changed Multiple chargers (Wall Adapters/ Cable from multiple brands which i have at home.. LG, Samsung etc etc) >> Did NOT Fix the Problem
4. read a post about CPU power consumption and that Older Mother boards might not be providing enough Power to CPU. (This tablet is Old and has been used at least two to three hours a day for the last 6 years) so set CPU max to 1200MHz and Min to 200 with Kernal Editor but still powers off around 38% to zero, and jumps to 100% when charging.
Any other ideas or do we think the motherboard is borked or FUBAR?

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