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Milind Surve

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Aug 14, 2013
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I just got my new Nexus 4. Unfortunately after removing my sim card from my old iPhone, being still in the iPhone mode so to say, I tried to put the "sim card opener pin" that came with the nexus 4 into the small hole that is located in the top panel of the phone. Of course immediately after I had done this I realized that this was not at all the correct place to open the sim card holder on this device.

Is the small hole a microphone for noise cancellation? Is it possible that I have damaged the device by inserting the sim card opener, or is the hole before the actual hardware of the device deep enough that I did not reach it (It did not really feel like the pin touched anything)? Is there any way in which I could test if there has been any damage to the device? (I just wouldn't like to take the phone to a repair shop if it is unlikely that any damage has been done)

Thank you for your answer!

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