Nexus 4 rattling, earpiece buzzing?


Jul 19, 2012
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So I finally actually used by N4 as a phone and I heard this crazy almost buzzing sound through the earpiece, like a loose part is maybe vibrating or the earpiece is just crazy. I can only hear it if I'm in a quiet room and it is the same volume no matter how high the volume is turned up or how loud the person on the other end is talking.

I was inspecting the phone which I have *knock on wood* never dropped and heard what sounded like a moving part inside, like when you break a kids toy lol. If i gently shake my N4, sure enough it sounds like something bouncing around in there.

Not sure if it is related but my vibrations sound really tinny and like its over-vibrating almost as if its shaking up the phone. But this could be paranoia setting in lol

Anyone else seeing any of this?