Nexus 5 display glitching after replacement and troubled factory reset

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My nexus 5 screen cracked and stopped responding after a while, replaced it myself (second time I did this, first time I had no problems) and formated it using it's own factory reset option before using it further (that's why I'm not sure whether it's a hardware os software problem).

During formatting after some time erasing data the screen displayed the andoid robot with a red exclamation mark on top of it, that's when I panicked and hard rebooted it, it continued to erase data afterwards for a long time, being so clever I interrupted the reset again by rebooting the phone once more before deciding to leave it alone until it finally finished resetting and booted.

Everything works fine, as fast as one would expect from a freshly reset Nexus 5, EXCEPT when some pictures come to view. When some specific pictures appear on screen (that don't seem to have correlation to one-another, not even needing to be pictures, videos will crash sometimes aswell) it glitches for a couple seconds then crashes either to black ou white screen, sometimes it fragments the screen and shows it partially frozen while a portion still "works", yet glitched.
If I browse my Facebook feed for example and such an image appears it starts glitching weakly, and doesn't progress if I don't move further and stops completelly if I go back or close the app, but glitches and crashes completelly if I try to go a little further down, sometimes I can lock and unlock the phone back to normal operation, sometimes I need to reboot to get it to work again.

Any idea of what the problem is? I reset it again, but only through the options menu, is it possible that resetting it by recovery mode? (I reset it twice already and need it to work so I don't want to reset again if it has no chance of working) Is it an OS or a hardware problem? Can I repair the phone's OS like it's done to computers?

It's an old phone with no warranty, but i'd rather not mess with custom OS if possible, but if it's the only solution I'd do without thinking twice.

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