Nexus 5 screen cracked and unusable, can't transfer media files. What should I do?


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Nexus 5 screen cracked and unusable. cant transfer media files

So a little while ago my phone screen crack in a sort of star pattern covering my entire screen with cracks. Just the other day different colored lines began to appear on my screen and kept appearing until my phone was covered in red, blue, green, etc. lines preventing me from seeing anything on my screen. This also disabled my touch screen making my phone unusable.

So now I am trying to retreive files such as audio files and contacts off my device (which is something i have accessed many times in the past). Whenever I plug my phone into my computer it acknowledges the device connecting but only veiws it as a camera allowing me accsess to only pictures and video's which i have backed up already.

Help would be much appreciated :)