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Nexus 5x bootlooping

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If that is the right term. The problem:
My Nexus 5x suddenly crashed while i was playing a game on it. When i try to turn it on it sometimes shows the Google logo, and then goes dark again. I've been searching the internet and believe this is what is called a bootloop. If not; whatever.
I've tried many many things:
- Turning it on normally
- Holding the power and volume down button to get to the bootloader screen. This works, however when i try any of the options (fx recovery mode), instead of showing the 'no command' screen it's supposed to, it goes dark again. This has been tried with and without connecting the phone to a computer.
- Using the 'Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9' to unlock the bootloader. This works until i press the 'Unlock' button. Then it says 'unlocking bootloader', and turns off the phone.
- Tried other combinations of power/volume down, like power/volume up, power/volume down/volume up, and switching between these in the same attempt

I know the phone can turn on and off, from the sounds my computer makes when i hold the power button and volume down. And i can get to the bootloader screen, if that is what its called (its the screen with the android lying down and big green arrow with 'start' in it). All help is appreciated.


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Jan 30, 2011
Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the Nexus 5X, and was one of the reasons a class action lawsuit was brought against LG (with a less-than-satisfactory settlement: https://www.androidauthority.com/lg...settlement-slashes-cash-reimbursement-846243/). If you search in the Nexus 5X subforum here, you'll see a number of threads about bootloops.
I have four Nexus 5x phones in my family and three have bootlooped so far. Luckily LG replaced the motherboards at no cost to me. I am on Google fi system.