Nexus 6P owners: I am asking for your help! [Bug in game]


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Mar 4, 2016
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I recently created an android game. I have not yet received any feedback about bugs on any devices apart from one: the Nexus 6P. More specifically, fonts are not rendered properly: some letters are displayed, some are not and some are in a wierd way.

Here is a preview of the issue:

In order to look into the source of the problem, I need to test the game on a Nexus 6P. However, after searching hard, it appeared that no one from my surroundings has a Nexus 6P.

That is why I am turning to the community of Nexus 6P owners. So here is how you could help me:

1. Install the game from the Play Store:
2. Open it and check if the fonts are displayed correctly.
3. Post back here about the results.
4. Uninstall the game

If you have decided to help me, it would also be amazing if you could do any of the following:
- specify your android version (6.0 or 6.0.1)
- post a screenshot in case there is a bug indeed.

Just in case: please note this is scrictly not a promotional post. All I am trying to achieve is to resolve the bug in my game.

Thanks a lot to anyone who decided to help a confused developer :)
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