Nexus 7 (2012) locks up during reset to factory settings


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Dec 9, 2014
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My Nexus 7 has been great, but getting slower and a bit glitchy over time, including randomly shutting down and restarting. A week ago it started to freeze right after booting up. I performed a cache partition wipe (using the instructions I found on this forum) and that got it back up and running for a few days, but it started locking up again, so I decided to do a reset to factory settings.

The reset was underway when it locked up again. It's on the screen with the android and the "erasing" status (for a few minutes if I'm lucky), and then the spinning polyhedron stops in place. After a moment it shows the android on its back with the red triangle and exclamation mark. Forcing it to restart brings it back to the "erasing" screen, and then it will freeze again; I've tried it over and over. Because it is trying to reset, I cannot reach any other screens with other options.

(I'm not an advanced user, so it's not rooted, nothing's flashed; I have no special tools.) Help?