Nexus 7 2013 Black Border, Smaller icons, green Android guys


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OK, so I'm going to try to explain this the best way possible but I'm hoping someone will just know what I did wrong here.

Last night I wanted to download a free voice recording app from the Play store. My tablet told me I didn't have enough and asked me to delete from a selection of apps to allow for the recorder. I got rid of probably the most inconsequential items I could think of... Walmart app, Messenger and another shopping app I believe. Nothing that I can imagine would f with my screen view.

So I downloaded the app, opened it and looked at it for a second then when I closed it....there were a million of those green Android guys on my home screen each representing every app I've ever downloaded (most I have deleted). I picked up each one and threw them in the X.

Now here's the main issue...there seems to be a thicker black border around the already small screen. All of my app icons were scattered around due to the weird Android guy thing. Some wouldn't show up at all... just the text below. Like I'd see the word Redfin and could move it around like there was a box above it but nothing was in the box. I solved that by just putting the app in the X and then dragging it to the main screen.

Because my screen now has this weird border, my icons are smaller as well.

I guess it's something I could live with if I had to but I feel like there MUST be a way to fix the damn thing.


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Jan 30, 2011
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You should try booting into Safe mode and see if the problem goes away - if it does then the application that you installed last is probably the cause of your problems.

To boot into Safe mode press-and-hold the Power button until you see the prompt to shut down the tablet. Then long-press the prompt until you see the option to boot into Safe mode. Once it boots into Safe mode (you'll see a little 'Safe Mode' overlay in the lower left corner) do your investigation and then just shut down normally and start up again to exit Safe mode. (Be aware that you may need to reset some defaults after being in Safe mode if you use a 3rd party Launcher, keyboard or the like.)