NFC / Android Beam Help


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Jul 26, 2015
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So I have a LG G4, my mother has an LG G3, and my father has a Motorola Droid Turbo. Sharing files between the LGs with NFC / Android Beam is no problem. It works instantly, I touch the phones together and on my phone it displays "touch screen to beam". When I try to beam anything to the Droid Turbo with my LG G4 it doesn't work, or might be really, really, slow. I got it to work once with a picture, but took a very, very, long time to display the "touch screen to beam". I only got it to work once. I hear the NFC sound when I touch the phones together, but I just don't see the "touch screen to beam" on my phone. Could this be because he's on a Motorola and I have an LG, or could it be because he hasn't upgraded to lollipop yet? This gets very frustrating when I want to share things with him. If anybody could help me out that would be great. Thanks.